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Quality Water


A complete concept has been developed for the hospitality sector in collaboration
with industry experts. The following are the core values:

• High quality water
• Compact machine
• Innovative product
• Low handling for the staff
• Machine and bottles, with company ‘Branding’
• Affordable for all hotels & resorts en restaurants
• Corporate social responsibility
• Cautious and efficient handling of energy and environment
• Training and motivation through the WaterCoach


This green concept fits into our circulair economy. Our Water
isn’t just cooled but also purified and carbonated. A new cartridge filtration system is developed to stop the pollution from standard filtersuppliers. Our Triple T filtration is a clever cartridge system, with the most modern microfiltration technology, assuring the quality of fresh drinking water.

We create the possibility! You only have to implement our Kranenberger concept to make the world a little better.

Not by selling what makes money, but create innovative concepts.